Object Control

100% confidence in where, when and who made a photo
or video report of any object or process


Monitoring algorithm for the object using Object Control software product is protected by invention
patent dd. 11.12. 2017 No. 115690 “Method of recording the object for identifying its validity” and utility model patent dd. 10.03/ 2016 No. 105316

Object Control

Fix the condition of material objects and process progress in your smartphone using automatic document generation.


Optimize cooperation between utility companies and consumers by monitoring meter readings and receiving reconciliation reports in minutes.


Control real estate condition, meter readings and utilities payment discipline.

Object Control


Opportunity to remotely control material
condition of objects or progress of business-process
without leaving home.


Opportunity to cross-use received photo and
video reports by various companies and
institutions (crediting, insurance, assessment, etc.).


Contractor’s identification and its full legal liability
by executing documents using different software
applications (blockchain, EDS, SMS).


Opportunity to receive automatically generated
legal document (report, protocol, contract, etc.)
based on the results of working in the program


Significant time and
money saving


Impossibility of changing photo
or video reports

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How works
Object Control

Object Control for financial institutions

See how Object Control provides efficient process control or objects’ material condition requiring periodical or systematic control.

Object Control for the enforcement service

See how Object Control helps the enforcement officer to make the inventory and control process of debtors’ property transparent and convenient.

Object Control for utilities consumers

See how Comunal makes cooperation between public utility companies and consumers easier, and make sure of how it’s simple, convenient and efficient.

Object Control for real estate owners and tenants

See how Orendar helps the real estate owner and its lessees to efficiently and promptly exchange the information about premise condition and residential rental payments.

Scope of use
Object Control

Or in any process which record result shall be generated in form of an e-document
(Work Completion Certificate, Reconciliation report, etc.) with photos of the process integrated therein,
and will be immediately electronically signed


Object Control



Object Control provides remote inspection of cars in the process of concluding CASCO contracts at UNIVERSALNA

We are pleased to announce that another insurance partner has appreciated the potential of the Object Control software product. Today…

Object Control



Insurance Company “INGO” has introduced CASCO remote insurance with coverage for war risks, using the Object Control software product

The financial market continues to leverage the functionality of the Object Control software product. The digital solutions offered by the…

Object Control



Object Control users will be able to sign documents using Diia.Signature starting from 2024

The collaboration of the OBJECT CONTROL LLC team with the Diia service has resulted in another convenient tool in the…

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