Comunal – utilities in smartphone




Recently, Object Control product line was enlarged with Comunal, a software productintended to provide an efficient cooperation between the public utilities’ consumers and public utility companies. Comunal was based on patent-protected method of recording the object for identifying its validity.

Object Control programis based on the similar principaland designed for the financial market andbecame an integral part of business processes of one the largest domestic insurance companies PZU Ukraine since May 2020. As defined by the PZU employees, the Object Control’s greatest value is the ability to receive in the course of inspection multiangle photo images of the objects with the information added thereto about time and GPS-position coordinates, where the inspection took place, and data on the direct inspection officer, as well as prompt generation of the electronic Work Completion Certificate with photo integrated therein, and electronically signed making this document legally valid.

Public utility companies with the great number of clients, and number of which sometimes reaches several thousand companies and households, and the staff list counts hundreds of employees requiringsuch a software product that could ease monitoring process for services registration device and optimize basic business processes.

Object Control Comunal solves these very tasks. Its introduction will give an opportunity to efficiently exchange monitoring information with consumers eliminating, among other things, any chances to manipulate it; it optimizes the activity of the qualified staff relieving it of routine job and reassigning functions in favor of more strategic tasks, and will help to painless move from the hard copy paper-flow to electronic one, as e-documents generated in Comunal fullycomply with the requirements of the applicable laws and may be used as an evidence in case of disputes.

Comunal – simple, convenient, efficient and innovative