Caring for the clients, Colonnade Ukraine introduces remote vehicle inspection by the client using the Object Control Program

Object Control



The introduction of martial law in the country is not a reason to stop the development and improvement of business procedures. This is exactly what innovative customer-oriented insurance companies think and do everything possible to simplify the life of their clients.

That is why Colonnade Ukraine, realizing how important it is now to provide policyholders with remote services that do not require their personal presence in service centers or the mandatory departure of employees of the insurance company to inspect the insurance object, implements the procedure for remote pre-insurance inspection of the vehicle by the client using the Object Control software product.

From now on, the policyholder independently shall perform a pre-insurance inspection of his / her own car, recording its condition using the Object Control application installed on the smartphone, and the employee of the insurance company “Colonnade Ukraine” shall receive a digital inspection report generated in the program with a photo of the insurance object integrated into it with accurate data on where and when the contractor made the inspection. An electronic document signed by the parties using a cap or SMS code becomes the basis for prompt formation of an electronic insurance policy.

Wherever the client is located, he / she will receive reliable protection from Colonnade Ukraine and Object Control.