Imprisonment for falsifications: in Poland fraud with mileage of cars will be punished by imprisonment

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Under the new legislation, the term of imprisonment will be from 3 months to 5 years. The Polish Sejm is considering amendments to local legislation concerning those who decided to «correct» the odometer. Such people will face severe punishment, reports. Moreover, we are immediately talking about imprisonment – for a period from 3 months to 5 years. Both the customer of the service and the contractor, for example, the mechanic of the service station, will be held liable.

The penalty is provided only in case of replacement of the whole panel of devices, for example, in case of its breakage owing to road accident if this operation was carried out without coordination with local services of control. In this case, the person will have to pay 3000 zloty (23 000 UAH).

The reliability of the mileage meter readings will be controlled during regular inspections, including by reading data from the control units of the vehicle diagnostic computers, during roadside control by the police, border service, customs, military inspection. The information will be recorded and checked against the central database.

The Polish party also took into account the fact that the risk of cars with the odometers already «corrected» arriving from abroad is minimal. In many European countries there are already quite strict penalties for such delinquents. In many European countries there are already quite strict penalties for such delinquents. For example, in Germany there is a penalty of imprisonment up to 5 years for frauds with mileage, in France for such crime a person may be imprisoned for up to two years, in the Czech Republic interfering with the mileage meter may cause up to a year in prison and confiscation of the car.

Reliable odometer reading is an important indicator. For example, two identical cars of the same year of production, for five years of operation can have a mileage of 30 or 300 thousand kilometers. That is, their residual life and technical condition as a whole, and the safety of further operation and the amount of maintenance costs will be very different. And what do you think- would a similar strict responsibility for the fraud with meters be worth introducing in Ukraine?

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