Object Control users will be able to sign documents using Diia.Signature starting from 2024

Object Control



The collaboration of the OBJECT CONTROL LLC team with the Diia service has resulted in another convenient tool in the Object Control software. From now on, users can sign documents generated in Object Control with Diia.Signature – a qualified electronic signature that can be activated in the Diia application in 1 minute. Electronic contracts, certificates of completion, questionnaires for the financial monitoring service, and other documents generated in the Object Control application will have the same legal effect as hand-signed documents once they are signed.

This is the second solution implemented by the company that developed the Object Control software product in cooperation with the Diia service. In early 2022, we improved the client identification and verification process.

Object Control software product that was designed for financial institutions to provide convenient remote financial services for clients has shown good results in the financial market during the COVID-19 pandemic and martial law. Banks, insurance, financial, and leasing companies whose business processes include regular monitoring of the status of insured or pledged items, as well as the exchange of documents with clients following all the requirements of the National Bank of Ukraine and the State Financial Monitoring Service, have highly rated the Object Control features, which allow employees or clients to perform the required procedures remotely.

We keep working, improving features of the Object Control software product and implementing user-friendly solutions.

Object Control means simplicity, reliability, efficiency, and innovations