Object Control as a mechanism for the protection of violated rights

Object Control



In the course of a lifetime, everyone faces unpleasant situations when one may be injured or his/her property may be damaged due to the “improper fulfillment of commitments of the operator of the territory, road or building”.

An accident may happen anywhere and anytime, however, the winter season has much to offer in terms of unpleasant surprises, because namely in winter an ordinary passer-by often becomes a participant of the quest, under the conditions of which he/she should have safe journey from point A to point B on the sidewalk that turned into a skating rink. And then he/she has to walk along the house under the icicles fire.

If the accident turned out to be unsuccessful and ended in broken limbs or bruises, or the icicle hit the car parked near the house, the affected person would have the right to obtain compensation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages from the operator of the territory or building.

The most important thing in cases of compensation is to prove the guilt of the operator, as a result of whose actions or inactivity the person was injured or property was damaged. Since under Article 1166 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, if the person who caused the damage proves that the damage was not his/her fault, then he/she will be released from the obligation to pay compensation.

Any way: in the event of injuries due to non-removed mass of snow or ice, damage to the car or other property by a block of ice or icicles or car accident due to improper road maintenance during the winter, it is necessary to make a high-quality photo fixation of the scene with the date and time of the event.

In such cases, the Object Control software will come in handy. This software product will allow the user not only to get high-quality photos and videos with detailed information about the date, exact time, GPS coordinates of the place where the photos/videos were taken, but also to get automatically generated electronic document with integrated images obtained as a result of the accident documentation. Such an electronic certificate of inspection may be signed by a qualified electronic signature of the user, which assigns the photo-fixation the status of a document that can be accepted as evidence by the court.

We sincerely wish everyone to avoid such problems. And you should remember that there are mechanisms for the protection of violated rights.


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