Road traffic offence recorded on TruCam will be evidence in the court only strictly subject to Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) availability

Object Control



The Second Administrative Court of Appeal recently adopted ruling dated April 5, 2021 in the case No. 591/6739/20 stated that videos and photos made by TruCam device provided to the court by the patrol police as evidence of road traffic offence by driver must be certified by the electronic digital signature of the person who made the recording (photo) or the person who made a copy of it.

Electronic evidence, including photos and videos, is often of decisive evidentiary value in court cases. However, for such evidence to be legal, it should be borne in mind that video and picture are electronic evidence, therefore, the copies of such evidence must be certified by a qualified electronic signature or submitted to the court in the original, which also implies inter alia signs of qualified electronic digital signature of their author.

Object Control app algorithm provides for generation of electronic documents with qualified electronic signatures affixed or subscribed by electronic signatures of other types based on the agreement between the parties.

Object Control is a flexible tool that is continuously improved by the development team of professional developers, financial experts, lawyers, linguists and marketers, taking into consideration national legislation amendments along with individual demands to adapt the product to customers’ internal business processes. Object Control app capability to generate electronic documents and append them with electronic signatures subsequent to the result of session reliably protects the interests of consumers, as documents created with the Object Control software product will have evidentiary value in litigation and will allow app users to protect their rights in the manner as required by Ukrainian law.

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