Meet the updated Object Control

Object Control



There are no small details in business: important aspects, details, specialties. The competitive environment requires constant progress, constant improvement, especially if you are a software developer for the financial market.

Object Control, created a few years ago as a convenient and easy to use tool for recording the physical state of the insurance object or property pledged to a banking institution, has changed beyond recognition in the process of use by the employees of financial institutions, acquiring more new functions.

Now Object Control makes it possible not only to obtain high-quality digital images of objects with marks of place, time and data of an employee, but also to generate digital documents with electronic signatures based on the results of the inspection; identify the customer in accordance with the requirements of financial monitoring; interact with state electronic digital resources, etc.

In close cooperation with employees of financial institutions, taking into account their needs and wishes, simplifying and reducing the cost of their work, we continue to change and improve Object Control. We love our customers and want our product to not only help them in their work, but also to delight their eyes.

The next release of Object Control will have a new design and will contain a multilingual block for the convenience of our European partners. To be continued!