Object Control at a height of 2061 m feels great

Object Control



Object Control team is constantly working to improve the capabilities of Object Control mobile application, “training” it in a wide variety of conditions.

Recently, Object Control mobile application was tested on the top of Hoverla Mount (Ivano-Frankivsk region), the highest point of Ukraine, at a height of 2061 m. The expert fixed objects according to the algorithm “Pre-insurance inspection of real estate”.

The way to the place of inspection was not easy and quite long, but a new mark for the Object Control software product was obtained! At a height of more than two kilometers the expert conducted an inspection and signed an electronic report in just a few minutes.
Conclusion: we have a digital solution that allows you to inspect the insurance object or pledged property even at a height of 2061 m.

  1. For the inspection you need only a smartphone with installed Object Control application.
    No cameras, paper contracts or cards with a time mark for taking photos.
  2. Bind of Object Control to the smartphone allows you to make a quick inspection at any time, under any terms, even unscheduled and in extreme conditions.
    There is no need to be physically in the office while preparing for the object condition monitoring to take the documents and necessary information to go to the place of inspection.
  3. The electronic report generated by Object Control based on the results of the inspection is downloaded online to the company’s server.
    There is no need to return to the office immediately with the inspection results, because, even thousands of kilometers from the nearest office of the company, Object Control integrated with its internal electronic systems will download all the necessary information on the results of the inspection and multiangle photos or videos of the object with time marks, geo-tags and information on the inspector.
  4. The inspection report is signed with an electronic signature making the document valid and binding.
    No risk of avoiding responsibility for the quality of performed work. The time of the inspection and data on the inspector are recorded in an electronic document.
  5. The inspection process is simple and requires no special skills.
  6. Instability of the Internet is no obstacle to the proper work of Object Control.
    All data received during the inspection will be transferred by Object Control to the company’s server when the smartphone gets a minimum communication signal.

Being on the top of Hoverla, the expert sometimes picked up, then lost the signal on the phone, but the application was stable even in such circumstances: it successfully recorded the geolocation 48.16008317, 24.49999767 (coordinates of Hoverla on Google maps), generated a digital report and successfully sent it to the server upon completion of the inspection.

Object Control team does everything to develop and improve the application. We set new goals and objectives. Now we are sure that the inspection of a vehicle, real estate or other property can take place under various conditions, whether in the heart of the city or on the top of a mountain.

Object Control mobile application is the key to your business process improvement, a tool making your work simple, reliable and efficient.