The partnership between Object Control and the insurance company PZU Ukraine is becoming closer

Object Control



The Object Control software program was introduced in 2016 as an application that was created to solve the local problem of monitoring collateral property in a partner company, more specifically: ensuring high-quality inspection of vehicles, real estate and other objects whose condition required periodic system check.

The program was based on an algorithm that includes property inspection procedure and all requirements of Ukrainian legislation regarding electronic document control. The program allows users, which can be both an employee of the company and its customers, to inspect property and immediately generate and sign electronic documents, for example, inspection certificates or other documents, which are identical in their status to paper documents signed with their own hands and can be used as evidence.

Recently, one of the most powerful companies in the domestic insurance market, PZU Ukraine, which is constantly working on the development of innovative tools in the field of business management and customer service, officially announced the beginning of the use of Object Control to optimize its internal processes.

We make the service better even where this is not noticeable


Group PZU Ukraine has existed on the Ukrainian insurance market for more than 26 years. In 2014, using the experience of the associated Polish Group PZU, we adapted the direct loss settlement technology and implemented it for our customers.

“The positive experience of innovation encourages us to continue to optimize internal processes. A few years ago, technical know-hows were quite difficult to apply to insurance processes. Today they have become real thanks to the development of online technologies and programming”- Vasyl Zubach, member of the Board of PZU Ukraine.

“With the help of the Object Control software program, we improve and automate the process of fixing the insurance object. Together with PZU Ukraine we set up and tested the program to meet the requirements of the insurance company. The main purpose of the software is to provide a simple, fast and secure way for photo and video evidence of insured objects on a regular smartphone or tablet. The processes of photo and video evidence of objects are also unified for simple integration with the systems of partner companies, for example, with the banking sector”, comments Mykola Korolenko, Director of “OBJECT CONTROL” LLC, the software program development company.

So, using Object Control provides:

  • receiving high-quality multiangle images of insurance objects with information about the time and GPS coordinates of the place where the inspection took place, as well as information on the person, who carried out the inspection.
  • responsibility of the contractor for inspecting insurance objects for the quality of performed work and preventing any manipulation of the received information.
  • instant formation of the completion certificate, sealed with an electronic digital signature of the contractor, which gives legal force to this document.
  • ability to integrate the received documents and data with the CRM system of PZU Ukraine.

We improve the company’s service and aim to improve internal processes, make them more effective and transparent.

Press release text on PZU Ukraine corporate website

We are grateful to PZU Ukraine for the appreciation of Object Control and invite representatives of the financial sector, which in line with their activities, to deal with the inspection or monitoring of movable or immovable property, the state of which requires system control, to use the software program that can be adapted to the internal procedures of a particular business and integrated with any CRM and EDMS systems.