Orendar software program from Object Control changes the life




Real estate for its owner is not only a joy but also a great reason for constant worries, especially if this property is used by strangers. Whether they care well for the premises, whether they do not cheat with the meter readings, whether they pay regularly for the rent — these are the most common topics for the worry of the property owner.

Those who use the property are also worried because the owner can suddenly, without warning and at the wrong time, come to an apartment to check whether his/her property is maintained carefully.

Constantly making corrections during our life, changing plans, canceling meetings in order to attend such inspection in person is inconvenient for the owner of the property and the tenant. It is quite problematic to ensure such control, especially at times when it is reasonably necessary to limit movement and observe social distance, as during the coronavirus pandemic, or when the real estate owner is often abroad. All these circumstances significantly worsen the quality of life for those who own real estate and those who rent it.

So is there a “chill pill” that can reduce stress in both cases? We confidently answer: Yes! It is enough to install Orendar on your smartphone and be able to send the property owner a photo report on the state of his/her property, information about meter readings and evidence of timely bills payment for the rent at any time. ORENDAR will improve the quality of your life by bringing peace in it and unpleasant control will turn into a simple exchange of information.

So, if you are tired of wasting time and money inspecting the leased property, install ORENDAR by yourself, ask the tenant to do the same, get a photo report and enjoy a virtual trip of your own real estate without leaving home.

You can find the ORENDAR beta version here: App Store and Google Play install it on your smartphone for free and use it in order to save time and money.

Orendar will take care of your problems!