“Moydodyr” operation or the way washing machine has saved the immovable property




Once upon a time there lived an owner of apartment. He liked his immobility, took care of it, made refurbishments, kept in good repair service lines. One day he has changed old piping for a new one and rented out his apartment. Thus he became a landlord and tenant moved to the apartment. He was a good tenant. There was not any trouble with him.

As landlord wanted to keep things on the even keel, he agreed with the tenant, that once a month tenant will send him readings of the meters reporting the scope of consumed resources provided by the public utility companies, and that he will immediately notify landlord of any troubles or malfunctions to allow him to undertake appropriate actions in a timely manner.

And they lived in perfect understanding for 3 months period. Tenant sent promised pictures of the meter readings, and landlord did not make any troubles with the visits in order to review his premises and verify that it is really in good order and cared of appropriately. He only made calls from time to time asking is everything is operating and in good order and tenant responded “Everything is fine”.

However one day landlord decided to make visit to his tenant and admire his immobility at lease with one eye…

The landlord knocked the door. Tenant met him at the doorstep and was doing his best not to allow landlord to go forward from ante-room. Meaning, landlord could enter his apartment, however could not go inside to look around as the doors to all the rooms were closed and tenant was staying nearby showing in every way that landlord was interfering his private life.

And so the owner would have gone, unaware of the disaster, but suddenly with a roar, like the roar of a jet, at full speed, opening the door of the bathroom and sweeping everything in its path, washing machine was rushing to the landlord; it seemed to try to escape to freedom with last bit of its strength. It was separated from the desired freedom only by the pipes provided water circulation. However nothing can stop the aspiration for freedom. So, the pipes were broken, and the apartment immediately began to fill with water, which was running, as if from fire stream.

Washing machine escape immediately encouraged the tenant and the landlord to unite in promptly overcoming the consequences of this event. During the cleaning process, the tenant lost vigilance and opened the door to one of the rooms. And here the landlord noticed that the tenant decided to “cut a window to Europe”, and for this purpose decided to demolish the wall to expand his living space.

Landlord full of devilment started to act. The apartment was carefully inspected and in the course of this inspection it was found that: the previously replaced pipe had a crack, due to which the neighbors’ apartments two floors below were flooded; the suicidal actions of the washing machine were explained by the fact that it was overloaded almost twice, as a result of which the mechanisms holding it in place were broken; the refrigerator, which belonged to the landlord, was thrown out and replaced with another one; as a result of the apartment redevelopment the power supply was damaged, resulted to absence of electricity in one of the rooms; and the meters, pictures of which were sent during the “cloudless period of mutual understanding”, were those from another apartment.

As a result, the landlord demanded an explanation from the tenant. However, the tenant defended his own vision of living in the apartment, which he got used to consider HIS OWN property, and also insisted that he had the right to do so. And although after this meeting the landlord and the tenant did not see each other again anymore, the tenant frequently came to landlord’s mind for quite a long time, in the process of destroyed immovable property restoration and making compensations for damages incurred by the neighbors.

The bottom line of this story is the following: if you rent out residential premises, be sure to sign a lease agreement with the tenant, which specifies all the details of future coexistence with the tenant, as well as agree with the tenant to install on his / her smart phone Orendar mobile application from Object Control product line. The app will allow disciplining the tenant, giving him / her the opportunity to send photo reports on the condition of the premises and confirmation of utilities payment in accordance with the readings of the meters at any time at the request of the landlord. Pictures sent via Orendar will have timestamps and GPS coordinates of the place where they were taken. Thus, it will allow the landlord to feel comfortable concerning the condition of his / her property, and the tenant to avoid frequent meetings with the landlord, who suddenly came to inspect the apartment and identify possible malfunctions in utility lines.

Having such lease agreement and utilizing Orendar mobile application, such a story can always end with the words: “And they lived happily ever after…”

And the washing machine, which put landlord wise about horrid events that took place in his apartment without his coming to know that, was rewarded. It is repaired now and stands happy in its place in the bathroom, and the new tenant takes pictures of it once a month, sending these pictures to the landlord through the Orendar app set up on smartphone.